Attitude of Gratitude: 30 Day Challenge

gratitude meditation

Want to explore your Attitude of Gratitude?   I would like to share with you one of many ways to evaluate, examine, and explore, your Attitude of Gratitude!  This Challenge will give us the opportunity every day to reflect on the things in our life we are grateful for.  Just like it is important to get health check ups to monitor our state of physical wellness,  I believe it's equally important to do the same for our Attitude.  I know some people who check themselves daily through meditation & prayer, some weekly at church, for others it can be months...

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Hanging Balloons: Birthday Decoration Idea

decoration ideas hanging balloons party decor toddler party

        This year for my Little One's 2nd BirthDay we wanted to celebrate in our home instead of throwing a big birthday bash.  Here are pictures of how I decorated her bedroom by making "Hanging Balloons"!   While the baby was sleep I stayed up till 3:00am blowing up 20 pink and white balloons! : ) The things a Mama does for her Children! After catching my breath, I hung them from the ceiling of her room so they dropped directly over her bed!            I also jazzed up her doorway by hanging pink...

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Trusting & Letting Go!

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I’m so very excited to be in this moment right now, sharing with you and connecting as I’m writing this blog!  This is a fulfillment of two goals I have for the New Year. Starting a blog and meditating daily. You may ask what does meditating have anything to do with starting a blog? For me it would provide the mental and spiritual confidence to take the first step up the staircase of my goals, trust that my Creator has placed everything inside of me for success, and let go of doubt and fear. The statement Trusting and Letting Go...

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