Rose beads with silver accents-Waist Beads-Authentic African Waist Beads - Fits up to 2x

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Empowerment, Divine Essence, Beauty and Wellness


  • Tie on with cotton strings. This allows you to keep them on permanently, even in the bath.
  • One size fits all with a custom fit that you create.
  • Easy to wear under clothing.
  • Authentic African waist beads.
  • Length: 40 inches
  • The thinner waist beads can be worn at the hip line under your clothes.
  • The items are sold by a strand (image is for decorative purpose). You will receive one waist bead.

Follow the steps below to tie on your waist beads permanently until you decide to cut them off.

  1. Decide where you want to place your waist beads (waist, belly, hip) 
  2. The tie on waist beads have extra string left on to allow you to tie them on.
  3.  Wrap the beads around your belly, and Remove/slip off any additional excess beads.
  4.  Tie at least 2 knots, making sure there are no gaps between the waist beads.
  5.  Cut off the excess string.