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Face Mask Disclaimer


Mask fabrics are pre washed in and dried before constructing. Our products are manufactured in a clean, but not sterile, environment. Dawning Day Creations encourages you to wash each product before use and between each use.

While there is significant data to support the use of physical barriers to reduce transmission of airborne droplets, which can infect a person with respiratory viruses, you understand these masks do not guarantee protection against transmission of any diseases. By accepting these masks, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Dawning Day Creations from any and all liability associated with the acceptance, use, and misuse of these masks. Commercially available masks meet regulatory guidelines, but cotton masks may not. Dawning Day Creations makes no representation as to whether the masks meet regulatory guidelines, and by accepting these masks you acknowledge that you have no expectation or understanding that they do meet regulatory guidelines. You understand that cotton masks are to be used at one’s own risk. You further understand that due to variability of materials and construction, the mask’s safety or effectiveness for personal protection is not proven and cannot be assumed. You agree that if you pass these masks on to anyone else, you will provide that person or organization with these same cautionary warnings.