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Vegan Cookies & Cream Smoothie Dessert

Greetings,  A few weeks ago I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled! Unfortunately, my experience was not very positive and my recovery process has been a little slow. So with that I'm still having trouble chewing hard crunchy foods and even though my wisdom teeth are gone my sweet tooth hasn't left! :) So what am I to do? Well one of my recommended meals was smoothies.  So I decided to blend my cookies in my brand new Ninja ( I love it!), with other yummy ingredients like vegan vanilla ice cream! The result had me saying, "yummy in my tummy!"  So I had to share it with you all! Tips: • Add a few scoops of ice...

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What's for Dinner, Mama? |Recipe & Product Review|

             Do you ever hear this, look up at the clock and say to yourself, I have no idea!  It happens to me often! I have to admit the Super Woman Mama Power of having every meal pre-planned for the week hasn't come out of me, Yet!..High Five to all the Mamas who can! But if you do need a last minute dinner option, this Skillet Chili Mac can be the solution to your problem! | This is my Vegetarian Version of A Lovin' Forkful's, Skillet Chili Mac Recipe, found on Foodista. It’s a simple recipe with minimal prepping time (you only need to chop onions & garlic).  Plus there's no massive accumulation of dishes!  Wohoo...

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