5 head wrap styles for every season with easy video tutorials

Is it time for a new head wrap style this season? Uncertain how to get those fabulous head wrap looks you see on Instagram? Well, we're here to simplify those gorgeous looks! We've got 5 head wrap styles that will carry you throughout the entire year, with easy video tutorials to demonstrate that tying an African head wrap is easier than you think! 

The head wrap is a royal and gorgeous African statement, that has a glorious history from the motherland and across the diaspora. In the US, head wraps for Black women signifies a sense of self identity, community, a badge of resistance and something to be worn proudly in public.

How to Tie a Head Wrap

Start with selecting a quality head wrap and prepping your hair. When using a cotton headscarf try the following techniques:

  • Use a leave in conditioner to help lock in moisture.
  • You can also use a satin scarf or bonnet to minimize friction between the wrap and your luscious locs.

Next, follow our step-by-step tutorials to create different head wrap styles and begin practicing your favorite looks. These tutorials will undoubtedly teach you how to look like royalty.

Look #1: High Head Wrap Style for short to medium length hair.

The Sophisticated Top Knot, is a simple beginners head wrap style. This head wrap style has been tested multiple times over with Queens with short to long hair. The key is creating multiple knots on top of each other and tucking them into the top.


Look #2: High Bun with Locs

Looking for a unique head wrap style for locs? Follow along as we guide this Queen during our 1-on-1 head wrap demonstrations in Chicago. She is wrapping her hair with the ECLIPSE head wrap.

Look #3: Classic Front Bow 

Adding that wow factor comes easy with the Classic Bow head wrap style. Accomplish this look by starting with a front knot and creating a bow, that's fluffed out for extra drama. 

Look #4: Head Wrap with Twist around the Crown

Looking for a simple, classic and quick head wrap style? Try the Twist around the Crown, technique. Center the fabric at your forehead, tie to the back, twist the tails around your crown, secure at the top. It is a favorite among our elders and nature loving Queens, who still want to look classy while working in the garden or wearing jeans and a tee.

Look #5: Low Wrap Style with Bun to the Back

For our last head wrap look, our model has a short natural hair cut, where we brought the head wrap to the back creating a low bun. 

All the featured African head wrap tutorials will have you covered and ready for your day, no matter the occasion. Find high quality head wraps at Dawning Day Creations, where we aim to bring you closer to the Motherland through textiles and accessories! 

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