Tutorial Tuesday: DIY headwrap

You know what time it is! 🤗 It's Tutorial Tuesday, where I share some of my favorite headwrap styles and new ones I'm trying for the first time!🖤
This one I made up as I was going but I'm sure it's been done before! I like it because it's simple and stylish!

Mother's day is coming up and Headwraps are a great gift idea! ❤

Written instructions:

After I tie the front knot, I take each tail and twist them individually. I take the right tail and tuck it to the Left side, Temporarily to keep it out the way.

After I twist the second tail I take it to the Right side. Then I grab both ends and tie them in a knot in the back of my head. Then I twist and hide the small loose ends.
All Done!

Hope this helps you on your natural hair journey and adding headwraps to your everyday fashion!

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