Hanging Balloons: Birthday Decoration Idea


      This year for my Little One's 2nd BirthDay we wanted to celebrate in our home instead of throwing a big birthday bash.  Here are pictures of how I decorated her bedroom by making "Hanging Balloons"!


While the baby was sleep I stayed up till 3:00am blowing up 20 pink and white balloons! : ) The things a Mama does for her Children!
After catching my breath, I hung them from the ceiling of her room so they dropped directly over her bed!

           I also jazzed up her doorway by hanging pink streamers from the door!  What a sweet surprise!  Sometimes it doesn't take extravagant details to get a Toddler excited! 


My Little One was grinning from ear to ear when she woke up!  Don't you Love it when you can put a Smile on your Children's face!  As the African Proverb says, "Children are the Reward of Life."

We sung Happy Birthday and later that day ate a LOT of Lemon Cake! YUM!  Yes that's Homemade! 






 This simple DIY decoration is perfect for small or large parties. Do you want to try this for your next Party or Event!? Please click here to see my Tutorial!  


Want to see more pictures! I originally saw this project on Pinterest (via Momtastic). She has a lot of nice photos on how to use Hanging Balloons for decorations.

 Peace and Much Appreciation,



  • Lecretia Akines

    Thanks Elaine! Yes she had a huge grin!! She kept saying, Ooooohhhh! :)

  • sheena

    these are great balloon decorations

  • Sandy

    Great ideas. Wish I would have know about them when my kids were at home. Bet your little girl had a wonderful time.

  • Elaine

    Great Idea I never thought about doing this. I bet your baby had a huge grin on her face when she looked up! Thanks for this share

  • Lecretia Akines

    Glad you liked it Emily! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one! ;)

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