Baby Shower Purse Card


Hey Ladies!

I wanted to share with you a few pictures of a Mini Purse Card. I call it "Mini" because it's about 1 inch tinier than my original Purse Cards.


I decided to use the Purse as my gift box for a friends baby shower.  At first I was going to make a pair of baby booties and place them in the center. Then I though it would be even better to make a custom pair after babies arrival. So I put a note card inside with details on how to design shoes. (Not shown)


I loved how it turned out! I used bright, soft colors to represent her femininity and giving birth to a spring/summer baby.

I also wanted the purse to represent her new journey into motherhood so I put a sticker in the middle saying,

"Motherhood is a lifetime of Joy."

 Hope you enjoyed the pictures and for my paper crafting ladies I used Painted Fancy Recollections Signature Paper Pad.

Peace and Much Appreciation,



  • Lecretia Akines

    You’re welcome Trishaly! Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

  • Lecretia Akines

    Your welcome Sheena!

  • Lecretia Akines

    Thanks Sandy! Well maybe next time!… You can always have me make one for you to give to your daughter in law at the baby shower! ;)

  • Trishaly

    WoW your so crafty Lecretia, thanks for sharing this adorable baby shower purse card!

  • sheena

    that is too cute, thanks for showing this

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