Newsletter- Exciting News for 2017 & Head Wrap tutorials!


I have been working hard to prepare some exciting new things for Dawning Day Creations in 2017.

First I want to say thank you for your patience. Some of you have been waiting for my newsletter when we meet at the Kwanzaa events in Chicago! Life sent me on a different path where blogging/writing was not included! However, I'm glad to say now is the time & I hope all of you are still interested in hearing updates on our growing business!

On March 31st I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, so I was a little unsure on how soon I would be ready to get back into vending mood. Optimistically, I booked a local event in May for a Mother's Day event at Afri-ware Book Store.  Lets just say we had a great time!  Baby boy slept for most of the event & my loving husband was there to fill in the gaps! 

We sold out on all our Mother's Day Purse Cards & I gave my first live headwrap demonstration! Check it out!


For the first time our Ankara print headwraps are now available for purchase at Afri-ware! We are so excited to collaborate with such a wonderful women-and black-owned business.  Afri-ware Books, Gifts & Cultural Events has been in business in Maywood, IL (West of Chicago) for over 20 years!  Anyone who gets a chance to meet the owner Nzingha Nommo will find out she's a gem!


The month of June is all ready shaping up to busy one, so we look forward to updating you soon! Remember you can still shop our online store for exclusive African Print headwraps, baby bibs, baby booties, children skirts & more!


Till next time, Thank You & have a Fantastic Day!

Lecretia Akines


Want to see a more detailed and up close headwrap tutorial?  Visit our Facebook page at


Did you know we have an online special for Shopping Local!  Order $20 or more of product shipped to Illinois and get FREE SHIPPING! 

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