Attitude of Gratitude: 30 Day Challenge

Want to explore your Attitude of Gratitude?  

I would like to share with you one of many ways to evaluate, examine, and explore, your Attitude of Gratitude!  This Challenge will give us the opportunity every day to reflect on the things in our life we are grateful for.  Just like it is important to get health check ups to monitor our state of physical wellness,  I believe it's equally important to do the same for our Attitude.

 I know some people who check themselves daily through meditation & prayer, some weekly at church, for others it can be months to years before they decide to take the time to Check Themselves!  Without evaluating our mental health we run the risk of becoming a 'Negative Nancy' or 'Debby Downer' over time. 

I believe having a grateful attitude can foster better relationships with your complement, children, clients, business partners, or co-workers.  Most important you will feel better about YOU! ( :

 Lets Give Ourselves a Check Up! 

1.  First you will need a Journal. A small pocket book will work well.

 My personal Journal.

2.  Everyday write down 5 things you are Grateful to have in your life. Write it down in Present tense and in First Person.

For example, I am grateful for my husband.  I am grateful for my daughter. I am grateful for having good health. I am grateful for adequate & safe shelter.  I am grateful for the ability to serve my community today.

That's It!  These will be your Affirmations for the next 30 days.  You can change them daily or repeat the same ones.


  •  Write in your journal at the start of your morning. This will begin your day with positive thoughts.
  • If you find yourself forgetting to write everyday, set an alarm on your phone, or write a reminder in your daily planner.  It also helped me to put my journal close to my bed where I can see it when I wake up!
  • Add this to your morning meditation/prayer routine. Here is a really nice meditation routine, I found on Pinterest.  I think it works well with this process.
  • I recommend trying this process for 30 days but at a minimum go for 10 Days! You Can Do It!
  • After you have completed the challenge come back to this process as many times as you want, as a form of Self Evaluation.  


 To Conclude:

    This is a process I still use to check my Attitude of Gratitude.  I can't recall who taught it to me or where I learned it however my first journal entry was 5/10/2011.  I remember this was a very healing process. It made me sit still for a moment, evaluate the good in my life, and examine what I valued. 

    I hope this will give you another idea for expanding your current activities of self development and possibly bring you to a higher awareness of all the goodness surrounding you on a daily basis.  With all the busyness that happens in my life being an entrepreneur, mother, and etc I'm eager to take the time to slow down, reflect, and put in writing what I'm grateful for. 

I look forward to your feedback during your Attitude of Gratitude: 30 Day Challenge!  

Peace & Much Appreciation,



  • juanita simpson

    this is something we should do daily thanks for sharing this

  • Lecretia Akines

    Thank you Alecia!

  • Alecia Stringer

    Great tips to keep your mind focused on gratitude.

  • Lecretia Akines

    Yes Sheena! Its so important to make gratitude a part of your daily life.

  • Lecretia Akines

    That’s so great to hear Trishaly!

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