5 Benefits of Wearing Waist Beads-Infographic

Have you thought about wearing waist beads? Have you seen a viral TikTok video on waist beads, but never got the understanding of how to wear them? We constantly notice the gazing curious eyes of women who have contemplated wearing waist beads but weren't sure about the benefits. 

During our in person events, we make a strong effort to share some history and benefits, of how to wear waist beads, the meanings and benefits. Almost every time our new customers curiosity turns to confidence, leading them to that special moment of purchasing their first bead strands!

I hope this infographic & color meaning chart, will help you feel confident and comfortable adorning yourself with our authentic African waist beads!

5 Benefits of Wearing Waist Beads

Waist bead color meaning

At Dawning Day Creations, our mission is to bring you closer to self-love and empowerment through the beautiful textiles and accessories of Africa and the Black diaspora. Shop our growing collection of Authentic African Waist Beads hand made in Ghana, Africa!

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