About Us


 Welcome to Dawning Day Creations aka DDC WRAPS!

At Dawning Day Creations, we're more than just a store – we're a celebration of global diversity and empowerment. Our unique products are carefully sourced from both Africa and the African diaspora, embodying the rich array of Black and Brown businesses worldwide. With our CEO's 9 years of sewing experience, we curate special clothing collections that beautifully blend tradition and a contemporary touch. We're proud to serve individuals of African descent who value culture, representation, and diversity. Discover authentic African-inspired clothing and accessories that resonate with your heritage at Dawning Day Creations.

Since 2014, our CEO and Creative Director, Lecretia has offered the Community "Handmade Expressions of Love." She is a self-taught seamstress whose love of African fashion and sewing was sparked by the birth of her daughter.  "Children are the reward of life."-African Proverb

Her goal was to create baby clothes with vibrant prints and colors from the Motherland. It didn't take long to find out this was her gift, and she was ready to share it with the community and the world.  We have grown from making baby bibs and greeting cards to clothing, accessories, importing products from Africa, and collaborating with small businesses in the states and teaching others how to sew. 

We've had some wins over the years, however; we feel like we're just getting started. Thank you for shopping with us and hope you continue to join us on this ride!!

~Lecretia Akines CEO & Creative Director

Dawning Day Creations, LLC Accomplishments

  • 2021 TikTok Support Black Businesses Grant Recipient
  • 2021 Speaker at Fabrigasm LIVE: The Virtual Experience for Lovers of African Textiles
  • 2022 Featured Vendor for the Virtual Ujimaa Market hosted by SONY Electronics
  • 2022 The Cultured Expression Business Grant Program *Bonus Grant Recipient
  • 2022 Opened DDC WRAPS kiosk at Fox Valley Mall
  • 2023 Graduated from the Sunshine Enterprises Community Business Academy
  • 2023 Completed the 37 Oaks Winter 2023 Retail Readiness Program 
  • 2023 Opened a test space at Sprout, located in Cermak Plaza, Berwyn, IL
  • 2024 Completed the FedEx E-commerce Learning Laboratory
  • 2024 Hosted the 1st Black History Month Event at Fox Valley Mall